La Vita è Bella

by Celladora

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This song will be released on our new EP entitled "The Arecibo Message" expected to be released sometime this year. It will have a different mix, and written a little differently. Enjoy this free tune, or donate!


Dominate the darkness within.
A soul distilled.
As a malady inflicts one,
it devours our very being.

Recreate the malady
thats inside us all.
(End this paradigm, to improve the future)
Shift to improve the future
(To improve the future)

The past shows all we've done.
Bloodshed within blood.
Endless, mindless, beings.
A hollow soul clenching
to a synthetic flame.
(To a synthetic flame)
So quick to find love,
so quick to find peace,
searching for a distorted king.

Please stay, please stay.
All of Heavens calling out your name.
For your sake,
please stay.

Paint the image
of the sound.
Burried in the dissonance.
As a tree dies from within,
sorrow slowly falls off
the branches in eternal time.

Wake up and find out that you're imagining
everything you dreamed of from the whispers of your sleep.
(Of your sleep)
Static turns into wavelengths from our memories
in my sleep,
(In my sleep)
in my dreams.
(In my dreams)

The one who whispers,
a force untold,
a quietness unseen.
And truth, and truth be told,
and truth be told it's me.

The one who whispers,
a force untold,
a quietness unseen.
And truth,
and truth be told it's me.


released May 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Celladora Houston, Texas

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